19.5 inch RC EP Wooden Mini Trident Kit RC Boat outrigger rigger hydroplane hydro


l Subject material : Ultra-Sturdy Coated Wooden
l Water tight seal
l Length : 19.five” inch / 495mm
l Width : 260mm
l Height : 55mm
l Pre-put in P1.4 X D27 mm Propeller
l Boat Stand: Plywood
l Shaft Drive System: 3.18mm Flex Cable Drive
l Web Weight : 290g
l Gross Weight : 900g
l The boat painted is that transparent coat. And it’s watertight

Not included within the package:
l 2CH or 3CH transmitter and receiver (Now not Included)
l 11.1V3S 1800MA 20C battery (Now not Included)
l Motor: 130size BL2040 KV3000 Brushless Water Cooled (Now not Included)
l ESC: 40A Brushless water Cooled (Now not Included)
l Mini servo (Now not Included)