20pcs Organic Peter Pepper Seeds Special Chili Funny Capsicum Annuum Home Garden

Color: Red
Package size:6*3.5cm,seeds size:0.4-0.5cm
A beautiful and versatile accessory for the whole year Fashion 20 Organic Peter Pepper Seeds ,special ,funny Capsicum annuum

Descriptions :

How to Plant Peter Peppers.
Peppers grow during the country in summertime gardens, with a range of growth habits and fruit production. Peter peppers are long-season plants and produce small, hot, red and yellow fruits. These 2- to 4-inch-long peppers bring interest to the garden with their suggestive shapes, and bring a hot kick to any kitchen dish. Plant Peter peppers early, in the best web site and soil, for a harvest hot and spicy enough to make you blush.

1.Plant Peter pepper seeds in mid-spring after the last frost of the year. These plants fail in frost and do best with 60- to 65-degree F starts. Plant from seed in zones with four- to five-month summers, as these little plants require 90 to 100 days to succeed in maturity.
2.Set the Peter pepper plot in a spot with full sunshine, even ground and good air circulation. Dig into the top 10 inches of soil to break it up, and add 4 inches of organic compost to produce a wealthy, crumbly foundation. Mix 5-10-10 or 8-16-16 granular fertilizer into the soil to encourage rooting and establishment. Peter pepper plants produce better pepper harvest when they start with full sun and wealthy nutrition.
3.Plant Peter pepper seeds 1/4 inch deep at 18 to 24 inches in the row. These bushes grow to 2 feet in height and need adequate space for sun and air exposure. Leave 2 to 3 feet between rows for gardening.
4.Water the peppers with 2 inches of water each week to keep them healthy and growing, and use 1 to 2 inches of organic mulch to keep soil moist and warm right through the season.
5.Feed the Peter pepper plants with 12-12-12 or high-nitrogen fertilizer once the fruit sets. This fertilizer encourages fruit production and ripening. Follow manufacturer recommendations in regard to quantity and secure application.
6.Harvest Peter peppers when they reach mature color and size. use clippers to snip the stems 1 inch above the peppers to keep from damaging the fruit.
Color: Red
Package size:6*3.5cm,seeds size:0.4-0.5cm
A ravishing and versatile accessory for the entire year Fashion 20 Organic Peter Pepper Seeds ,special ,funny Capsicum annuum
Package Included : 20 pcs seeds
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