Blackberry Raspberry Mint Beamer® Ultra Premium Hookah Molasses 50 Gram Box. Huge Clouds, Amazing Taste!® 100 % Tobacco, Nicotine & Tar Free but more taste than tobacco! Compares to Hookah Tobacco at a fraction of the price! GREAT TASTE, LOTS OF SMO

This listing is for one (1) 50g box of Beamer Herbal Molasses. In search of a better way to enjoy hookah, Better Taste, Better Clouds, and a globally perfected involvement with your Hookah Lifestyle? Are you looking for something different than your normal Hookah Tobacco OR a non-nicotine or non-tobacco way to smoke Hookah? Find all this and more when you use Beamer Ultra Premium Herbal Hookah Shisha Molasses from Beamer Smoke. Beamer Ultra Premium Herbal Hookah Shisha Molasses is a Hookah Smoking Molasses that smokes in ANY shisha bowl/head. Achieve Huge Clouds, Amazing Taste, and a mind-blowing variety of flavors, when you select to use Beamer. ÊOur molasses looks, feels, and tastes like hookah tobacco. Then again, our product is Nicotine and Tobacco free. This makes Importing / Exporting tremendously effortless as well! Making a hookah bowl/head takes 10 seconds and cleanup is only a 15 second method. Beamer Ultra Premium Herbal Hookah Shisha Molasses will also be mixed with other flavors as well! This product is backed by a name you’ll believe in the smoking industry. Since 2010! Beamer now focuses on hookahs and hookah accessories, hookah flavors, vapor products, candles, smoking products and accessories, and rolling papers! Beamer Smoke was born in a small basement in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. in 2010 by hookah aficionado siblings. Never knowing where Beamer’s success would lead, Beamer started with one hookah and one case of orange Zig Zags. Now, Beamer is undeniably turning heads around the world. Beamer’s small business kept growing and growing into what they are today, a multinational company known for good, well built, functional products; sold, wanted, and known around the world. Beamer Smoke aims to design High Quality products and reasonable prices. Beamer¨ Smoke not only moved out of their basement, but they now have two factories in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A, all thanks to customers like you! Take a look at all Beamer Smoke products on Amazon today