Bundle - 12 Items - RAW 1 1/4 Cone Filler with Pre Rolled Cones, Storage Tin, Rolling Tray and More

Includes RAW Cone Filler, Cone Caddy
30 Pre-Rolled RAW 1 1/4 Cones
Rolling Tray, Clipper Lighter

RAW Pre-Rolled Cone 1 1/4 6 Pack
Raw products at all times consist of the best natural fibers to provide you with the highest quality in natural, unbleached, unrefined rolling papers available.

Now RAW will give you quality pre-rolled 1-¼ inch (79mm) cigarette cones so all it’s a must to do is add your favorite filler and enjoy. You get 5 Packs of 6 = 30 Cones Total

RAW Cone Filler – 1 1/4
The Raw 1 1/4 Cone Filler allows you to fill cones with ease. Simply get your favorite filler, an empty cone, and this handy little machine, to create the perfect smoke. Easy to use, the Raw 1 1/4 Cone Filler makes filling one or one hundred cones a snap. Fits most 1 1/4 size cones.

RAW Cone Caddy 1 1/4The Raw Cone Caddy 1 1/4 is an effective way to keep your cones protected. Big enough to easily hold six 1 1/4 cones or carry a few packs of your favorite 1 1/4 paper, the Raw Cone Caddy is great to just throw in your bag or pocket. Made out of durable metal with a snug-fitting lid.

RAW Hydrostone
With the RAW Hydrostone you’ll never have to throw away dry tobacco again. Allow this stone to soak in water for 5 minutes then place it with your tobacco. The stone provides you with a moist & pleasant tobacco to smoke.

RAW Rolling Tray
RAW rolling trays serve their purpose perfectly. This rolling tray is nice and big, so it can fit your entire custom smoke supplies. The tray measures 11 x 7 inches.

RAW Clipper Lighter
These feature a removable flint housing, which can poke hand rolled cigarettes, compressing the contents inside.

RAW Wooden Matches
Wood matches housed in a RAW logo’ed box.

Rolling Paper Depot BraceletYou get one bracelet either green with orange or orange with green. These have quite a lot of sayings not only on the outside but also a secret message on the inside.
Includes RAW Cone Filler, Cone Caddy
30 Pre-Rolled RAW 1 1/4 Cones
Rolling Tray, Clipper Lighter
Matches, Hydrostone and Bracelet