Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Paper Machine - King Size Cone Roller

Elements Rolling Machine are best known for their durability and strength
Rolls a 110mm King Size Cone

Taking a look back many years, Elements founder remembers seeing his father taking great pleasure in rolling his own smokes. He at all times used ungummed, thin rice papers because they burn with almost ZERO ash. Pure rice papers are just that; No chemicals, No Pulp and No hemp. Over the past decade, Elements has watched increasingly companies jump into the Hemp Paper market. We have seen most new brands were trying to ride the marketing wave. They relied mostly on marketing and catchy names to sell their products somewhat than the quality of the actual paper. To counter the trend, and as a dedication to fond memories of the past, we determined to go back to the “Elements” of smoking. Thus, we designed a rice paper in the classic Alcoy, pressed it to make it ultra-slow burning and incredibly thin. Then we added just a thin strip of natural gum from sugar. The result is one of the best rolling paper ever produced by man. Elements burns with zero ash, excluding for a tiny line cause by the sugar gum turning into caramel as it burns. Not surprisingly, Elements has transform a top selling brand across the globe! We are very proud of Elements, and customer response has been implausible.