Marijuana Outdoor Grower's Guide

Marijuana Outside Grower’s Guide is written for first-time growers who need to learn the basics and have a successful personal crop. For the more experienced grower, the book includes advice on how to toughen the productivity of the plants and make sure success with each attempt. With center of attention on creating a small grow area with the intention to produce without problems, this book will be an invaluable resource for those with little familiarity with the process of raising marijuana plants. Through selecting seeds and choosing a grow spot to maximizing security and in reality raising plants, S. T. Oner writes in a manner that may be easy to follow and helpfully instructive at the same time. Protection from pests in addition to the elements, how best to harvest and how the more advanced grower can move forward in their career are all covered, as are the basics of cooking with the harvested bud.