Medical Growing: A Garden of Peace

Employing proven flower-growing techniques used by commercial greenhouses across the world, the growing of cannabis plants is demystified in this helpful gardening book. The natural cycles and growth of the plant are explained, as is easy methods to sprout seedlings, manage growth and soil, how and when to make use of nutrients, what to search for when it’s flowering and finishing, easy methods to cure, and a little about what cannabis can be utilized for in daily living. Advising to grow the crop patiently, take notes, and observe results, the book also includes a growth journal that makes keeping track a breeze. Plans for an herb hut are provided to make it easy to build an outside greenhouse. Easy-to-use and efficient methods, materials that are reasonably priced and easy to find, and explanations that suit the simple truth of our environment are all presented in this all-in-one guide to growing a successful crop of cannabis.