Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Plus Fiber, 30 Ounce -- 3 per case.

Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Plus Fiber, 30 Ounce — 3 per case. USDA Organic A delicious high-fiber protein drink mix! 54% RDI of Fiber Organic Hemp Protein + Fiber Consider Nutiva for the most up to date, best tasting products. Believe an organic food with 375 protein, 10% really useful fats, 43% fiber (90% insoluble, 10% soluble), chlorophyll, magnesium, zinc, and iron. Were you aware that hempseed is one of natures most perfect superfoods? Nutivas delicious cold-milled Organic Hemp Protein is: Extremely nutritious. One serving provides 11 grams of raw organic protein and 14 grams of fiber (54%+RDI). Hemp Accommodates all 8 very important amino acids, with the bonus of good-for-you very important fatty acids. Certified Organic. No GMOs, pesticides, or solvents! Ever wonder why soy burgers and soymilk are organic yet soy protein isnt? Most non-organic soy protein is processed with hexane, a petroleum solvent very similar to gasoline. Planet-friendly. Hemp (a non-drug crop) is the earths premier renewable resource, grown easily without pesticides. Add Nutivas Organic Hemp Protein to your favorite blended smoothie or muffin recipe for a delicious, power-packed treat! Hemp Protein is ideal: Accommodates 66% edestin, more than another plant. Edestin is a bioactive protein thats easy to digest. Our New Enviro-Pak reduces waste and will give you nearly 2 times the hemp of our 16oz jar! Shelf Life: 360 days