RAW Cone LOADER incl.Card + Poking tool

The age-old rollers quandary: How do you get the looase material from your tray into cone or paper? The usage of a simple dustpan as an inspiration this RAWesome loader device used to be created. RAW® has been a longtime supporter of Khalifa during his meteoric rise to stardom and the artist has returned the admiration, rapping about the smoking way of life and RAW®’s papers in his recordings. A relationship that started behind the curtain, based on mutual respect for Every other’s work, evolved into a groundbreaking partnership as Khalifa and RAW® realized through shared goals and visions they could change the face of the industry. Combining two dynamic forces that respect and make stronger the smoking community will mean unprecedented value, quality, and innovation. RAW is the culmination of a 12 year project to produce most natural rolling paper imaginable. RAW® Unrefined papers contain a blend of non-chlorinated fibers and are finished with a natural hemp gumline to match the burn rate of the rolling paper. Every sheet is watermarked with our proprietary CrissCross imprint which helps prevent runs and maintains the smoothest burn.