Reehut Gymnastic Rings with Adjustable Straps, Metal Buckles & Manual - Home Gym (Set of 2) - Non-Slip - Great For Workout, Strength Training, Fitness, Pull Ups and Dips

Package Included: 2 gymnastic rings with straps (1″ wide and 15ft long) and adjusting buckles, instructions included.
The stability straps are made out of strong polycarbonate nylon, won’t buckle or bend, easily adjustable to suit your needs.
ABS plastic rings reduce slippage associated with sweaty hands. 880 lbs rated heavy duty.

You can engage your muscles and core with exercises such as pullups, pushups, dips, rows, and muscle-ups
for a functional and varied range of movement with Reehut Workout Rings.


– Soaring Upper Body Strength
– Add Any Level of Difficulty and Keep Your Core Engaged
-True Muscular Endurance & Better Sporting Performance
– No Muscle Spared in Each Workout
– NONSLIP Straps & Adjustable Metal Buckles
– Increase Sports Efficiency and Reduce Risk of Injury with Stronger Joints & Tendons

Who can have the benefit of Gym Rings?

– Beginners in addition to seasoned fitness individuals for Training
– Anyone who wants to set up a robust home gym environment
– To supplement workouts such as weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit, and other fitness activities
– Designed for adults and kids alike

Where must I hang my rings?

– Look for something strong enough to hold your weight.- Find a space where you’ll hang your rings 10 ¨C 13 feet high.
– Set your rings about shoulder-width apart or a bit wider.
– Give yourself enough open space, in both height and width, to perform straight body movements.
– Make sure your straps are long enough to hang low so you’ll do push-ups, planks, mountain
climbers, dips, and other movements.
– Sturdy tree branches can work as well, provided they are in reality sturdy.

2x Gymnastic Rings, 2x Nylon Straps (w/ Metal Buckles), 1x Users Guide

Maximum Load:
880lbs (400kg).

ABS Plastic Rings & Strong Polycarbonate Nylon Straps.

Black & Yellow.

Rings: 9″ on the outdoor diameter & 7″ on the inside diameter.
Straps: 1″ wide & 15 ft long.

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