Seed to Weed: A Pot Enthusiast's Guide to Growing Marijuana

In this era of marijuana activism, DIY, and gardening fever, what better use for that windowsill or small patch than growing your own weed? This fun, colorful guide makes marijuana cultivation less intimidating than ever before.

Cannabis grow guides are perennial strong sellers, and with increasing public interest in marijuana, sales can only continue to rise. Even as other titles at the subject have a tendency to be serious in tone and photographic in remedy, this illustrated, wacky-but-informative gift book with an extremely inexpensive price is uniquely located to appeal to small-scale growers and absolute beginners. Seed to Weedcovers the whole thing needed to get began growing: hardware, lighting, hydroponics, organics, cloning, pests & diseases, harvesting, curing, and more. With its light touch, humorous tone, and easy-to-follow step by step sequences, Seed to Weed will have readers growing great ganja very quickly.