The Healing Effects of CBD Rich Hemp Oil - Make Your Own CBD Oil at Home: How to Extract, Use and Heal with Cannabis Medicine

The Healing Effects of CBD Rich Hemp Oil

Make Your Own CBD Oil at Home

How to Extract, Use, and Heal with Cannabis Medicine

I first learned about the medicinal benefits of marijuana through a Dutch friend who was born and raised in the Netherlands where marijuana has been legal for many years now. It was 1994 when I first got interested in learning more about the healing effects of marijuana, but not much data was available back then, as the internet was just in its infancy at that time. As a self-proclaimed Naturopathic healer, my interest just grew over time. Around the end of 1996, when California legalized marijuana for medical use, I used to be in spite of everything able to get more research data on the topic. For some reason, I at all times had this belief that marijuana holds a big secret under its leaves most of which we just haven’t discovered yet.

At first, Marijuana was only used as a painkiller in the medical field as a last resort for terminal patients that were suffering from AIDS, Cancer, and other such deadly illnesses. But after 2005, that started to change in a big way, researchers and doctors started seeing the true medicinal value of marijuana and the healing effects of its various ingredients like THC, CBD and Hemp oil. It was like opening a floodgate, so much started to pour in and so fast that it was in point of fact overwhelming for most researchers.

I too was consumed and overwhelmed with all the information. But I am sure some of you may not know all these details but most of you should keep in mind that when Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN did a medical breakthrough program of a 5 years old girl in New Jersey that was suffering from an acute case of Epilepsy where she was having 6-10 seizures a day and on modern medicine could stop that. Long story short, when the parents found out about the new marijuana-derived medical research, they took their daughter and started the new remedy immediately. Only after a few dosages, she began to recover, and from 10 seizures a day she is now down to one or two minor ones maybe once a month! Just believe the power of Marijuana.

My goal in this book is to share some proven facts about marijuana, and by facts, I mean the healing power and actual medicinal value of this plant, nothing more. I share what and how you’ll be able to find healing through Cannabis-derived CBD oil. Now that Cannabis is being legal is many states, it is much easier to find these medicines without going outside the country. Lastly, before I get started, next time you vote, if you see an option for legalizing marijuana or medical or in a different way, please vote Yes and let’s bring healing to everyone in every state, country and eventually in this great world of ours.

In This Book I Show You:

  • How Marijuana works in our body
  • How CBD Works in our body
  • 16 deadly diseases Cannabis can Heal
  • How to Extract CBD oil from a Marijuana plant
  • What are the 10 Most Popular CBD Therapy
  • What is the proper Dosage for CBD Oil
  • Exact dosage guideline for various illness and disorder
  • What and how to buy the right type CBD
  • 10 things to look for when choosing cannabis medicine
  • 3 Ways to identify bad or fake CBD products
  • The law regarding CBD and other Cannabis products
  • True Testimonial of patients and users
  • What the Doctors say about CBD Oil

If this book can help heal even one person, I would imagine my work a success. Thank you!