The Stoner Puzzle Stash: An Activity Book for the High-Minded

You’re high—now what? Announcing the very best companion of puzzles and games for any person who enjoys getting baked every now and then.

Here are word searches, including Munchie-Mania (Dude, Are you able to find nachos, Steakumms, cake icing, Doritos?). Mazes, like the Customs Quagmire—Are you able to pilot a van created from marijuana from Mexico to San Francisco? Fill-in-the-Pictures: Oh no! Cheech just singed off his mustache! Are you able to draw it back on? Plus the super-simple, super-amusing activity Trace Your Face: Tilt forward from the couch until your face rests within the empty pizza box at the coffee table. Select up a pencil and, holding the sharp side down, trace your face. This activity isn’t timed.