Tightvac Vacuum Seal Airtight Pocketvac Odor Smell Proof Storage Container 0.12L

Tightvac Vacuum Sealed Storage Container 0.12 Liters Black with Black Cap Give protection to your treasures with Tightvac vacuum seal storage containers. These impressive containers provide airtight & water resistant protection to your stored items. The vacuum seal technology controls the odor of the items stored, even as the vacuum seal technology allows moisture to flee even as keeping the great’s dry, and shall we gases out even as now not allowing any oxygen to seep in. Tightvac storage containers are BPA free, and the easiest size to store necessary items with ease. Features Size: 0.12 LHeight: 2 7/8’Diameter: 2 5/16′ BPA Free & Water Resistant Use to Store Dry Goods Such as Tea or Coffee Air Tight, Odor-Proof Vacuum Seal Technology